5 Powerful Books which has influenced me this year.

Jasmine Elamblakatt
4 min readOct 21, 2021

Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light. — Vera Nazarian

Power of Subconscious Mind — Joseph Murphy

Frankly speaking I had least idea of subconscious mind. I am a spiritual person and pray daily and that makes me grateful, peaceful, hopeful and also my prayers are answered. This book indirectly told me how my prayers are answered.

This book narrates lots of testimonies which I was able to relate and accept. I would say this is a miraculous book which help us to dream high and make us confident enough to achieve our dream.

After completing this book, I started observing my thoughts and took it as a responsibility to replace my negative thoughts with positivity. I started devoting my morning time (10 mins) to affirm my dreams and imagine as if I am living it, and the best part is whatever I have imagined most of them I am living it now 😀 😀 😀

Must read to have more hope and to believe that nothing is impossible or out of reach, if you accept it in your thoughts, it would definitely happen in your life.

Think Like a Monk — Jay Shetty

Mindfulness was something I always wanted to traverse more. Then got to know about this book and started with it.

This book is very easy to read and understand, this book helps one to grow inward and put some light into your dark room thats our ‘MIND’.

The author narrates about his monk life and the experiences he had and the way that changed him as a person and the learning he took from there.

The quality of monk like letting go things which are not in control, focussing on single task at a time, practising gratification daily, meditation, building up a routine, staying focussed on your desire is explained.

After reading this book, I started practising gratitude which I never did before.

At morning, I reflect about all the blessings of my life, it makes me much happier and peaceful like whatever I do as simple as brushing my teeth I say out I am grateful for this 😇😇😇

I feel the gratitude and say out in my mind

I am grateful for today.

I am excited for today.

I am joyful for today.

The other thing which I incorporate is trying to do a single task at a time. I was a maestro at multitasking but now I try to do one thing at a time which now is helping me to stay focussed, relaxed, stress free and hassle free.

In short, it is a must read to lead a simple, much happier, focussed and grateful life.

Think and Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill

I first read this book during my college days, read this again this year, for me every time I read it, its new and it unfold different path or concepts to me.

Though this book was written decades ago, it has got strong points and power to help you to find your true desire and expedite towards it.

This book suggest different techniques used by successful people and their stories to motivate you.

As it is said this book help you converts your dream into a burning desire and help you strive for it. One must do Dreaming, Hoping, Wishing, Desiring & Planning before they strive for their goal. One must have DEFINITENESS OF PURPOSE, the knowledge of what one wants and the burning DESIRE to posses it.

Love and Respect in the Family — Dr Emerson Eggerichs.

This is a parenting book which is helpful in improving your connection with kids by understanding their need for love and your need for respect.

Author uses lots of biblical narrations to explain what God wants from you as a parent when bringing up the child.

Without love, a child reacts without respect; without respect, a parent reacts without love. Thus a parent’s love motivates a child’s respect; a child’s respect motivates a parent’s love.

The book talks about “Family Crazy Cycle” and how to move to the “Family Energising Cycle” and then to the “Family Rewarded Cycle.”

I always wanted to be a better parent managing my 4 year old, working from home and managing all the household chores was making me lose my temper frequently. But somewhere this book helped me in understanding my child a little more and helping me make a step ahead in better parenting. I tried finding time for ourself where there is no distraction only my child and me it was our time and tried to enjoy it to the fullest😃.

Atomic Habit — James Clear

Habits are something which defines us. In long term habit are something which redefine our life and have great impact. Small habit can also have life changing impact at long run. Author shares lots of techniques and ways to build up good or micro habits and break bad ones.

It says to form habit you must make them obvious, attractive, easy and satisfying.

This book helped me develop some small habits like drinking water regularly, taking small refreshing breaks during work, thinking time etc.

Atomic Habits is a complete, fun and easy to read and understand. I would highly recommend to make it your first stop if you want to learn the science of habits.